Construction RFID

State-of-the-Art Product Identification System for Concrete & Steel Structures.


Radio Frequency Identification is a data collection technology that uses electronic tags for storing data. The tag is made up of an RFID chip attached to an antenna. Passive tags have no power source but use the electromagnetic waves from the reader to energize the chip and transmit back data.

Like bar codes, RFID tags identify items. However, unlike bar codes, which must be in close proximity and line of sight to the scanner for reading, RFID tags do not require line of sight and can be embedded within an item.

RFID tags hold more data than bar codes, but a major differentiator is the unique serial number in the RFID’s Electronic Product Code (EPC) because it allows tracking of individual items. While a UPC bar code might identify a category of product like a 12” manhole connector, an EPC RFID tag can identify a specific, individual connector.

Construction RFID Systems for Concrete and Steel

Construction RFID inventory control and tracking systems aid concrete and steel structure producers control product from production to delivery to client. Construction RFID systems from International Coding Technologies are easy to use and can save time and money for both the producer and the end user. Current systems are labor intensive, time consuming and susceptible to human error.

With the introduction of construction RFID Cast-A-Code® tags for concrete, Steel-Code® tags for steel and the TrackCon® handheld scanner from International Coding Technologies, concrete and steel manufacturers now can gain inventory management and quality control of the products they produce.

By serializing each structure with a concrete or steel RFID tag, will provide real-time data on the location of individual structures allows concrete manufacturers to optimize critical production and distribution processes using RFID data to identify and solve quality issues; ensure the right materials are shipped to the right customers; automatically record the GPS coordinates of delivered materials and prepare accurate invoices.


Cast-A-Code® Concrete RFID Tags   Steel-Code® Steel RFID Tags
Cast-A-Code® tags for concrete   Steel-Code® tags for steel


Of equal importance, TrackCon® enables concrete and steel manufacturers to deliver superior service by providing customers with critical information to manage inventory used for large-scale building projects, as well as identify and trace concrete and steel structures across their lifespan to maintain their structural integrity and safety.

The Construction RFID system from International Coding Technologies uses state-of-the-art electronic tracking technologies for manufactured concrete and steel fabricated The GPS-enabled Motorola handheld scanners with Motorola wireless allows access points for production and yard personnel..

TrackCon® System
GPS-enabled Motorola Handheld Scanners with Motorola Wireless


About International Coding Technologies, Inc

International Coding Technologies, Inc. (ICT) was established to design, develop and implement tracking solutions for the concrete industry world wide. Headquartered in the United States, this privately held Massachusetts Company has built systems based on its own Intellectual property; TrackCon® and Cast-A-Code®. These systems are used in the identification of concrete structures and to automatically track their movement from cradle to grave. This allows the business owner to electronically track information throughout the structures lifecycle, a significant issue with powerful return on investment for the business owner.

Construction RFID Systems for Concrete and Steel

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