inventory control and asset tracking for the construction industry using RFID and GPS technology

Complete Inventory & Production Tracking

the next generation of production and quality control data collection

wireless solution for tracking concrete and steel structures such as parking garages, prefabricated buildings, manholes, bridges, concrete pipe, box culvert, and tunnel segments

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Positioned for the Future

ICT is uniquely positioned to help maintain your competitive edge by providing a management tracking system for the quickly evolving trend toward “design-to-site” integration in the construction industry. The construction industry is rapidly evolving toward seamless integration of engineering design, off-site manufacturing such as manufactured concrete or steel fabrication, and on-site project management.  Performance at a job site will be greatly improved with the use of RFID technology that provides on-site, real time product data for quality control as well as GPS technology for product location.  General contractors will be able to use RFID data bases from manufacturers and equipment supply companies to sequence, manage, and coordinate job site inventory and processes for more highly efficient and profitable construction projects. 



TrackCon IQ 2.0 Released
TrackCon IQ version 2.0 is now available in Standard and advanced packages both with optional add-on modules.


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Welcome to International Coding Technologies, Inc.

High-Tech Inventory Control and Tracking System for the Construction Industry


International Coding Technologies (ICT) is an inventory control and tracking technologies company that combines RFID, GPS, unique ruggedized tagging technology, and modular software to track concrete and steel structures for the construction industry.  It is the first company of its kind to use state-of-the-art electronic tracking technologies for manufactured concrete and steel fabricated products.



The next generation of production and quality control data collectionThe next generation of data collection is here, Idencia.  Idencia is a web based software as a service (SAAS) application that can be used on any web browser and Android device for production and quality control data collection.  Idencia is a very powerful but simple to use system that can be used in many different production environments.



wireless solution for tracking concrete and steel structures such as parking garages, prefabricated buildings, manholes, bridges, concrete pipe, box culvert, and tunnel segmentsICT's TrackCon® system, combined with GPS provides a full range of tools for managing inventory, production and quality control for a Manufactured Concrete or Steel Fabricator business.

The software uses a mobile computer based application to gather data and a central database with desktop clients for viewing or reporting on the data. It also integrates fully with your existing ERP/MRP system. Some of the many features available include:

  • Quality Control
  • Pick List Validation
  • Shipping Confirmation
  • Job Management
  • Yard Maintenance
  • Form Maintenance
  • GPS Tracking


Cast-A-Code® wireless RFID tag designed for concrete and steel that will track inventory from production to job site and Steel-Code®

A unique combination of RFID, barcode and human readable formats allow this one tag to get the job done regardless of your technology.  Placed in the concrete structure during production or attached to the concrete or steel structure post production, it remains part of the product throughout its lifetime. 


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Hardwarewireless RFID scanner for real time data collection

ICT’s hardware consists of GPS-enabled Motorola handheld scanners and Motorolawireless access points, used by production and yard personnel to initialize and update the TrackCon database.  Each customer configuration is easily customized to meet the individual requirements of a particular facility.



ICT has developed Ruggedized RFID tags for use in inventory and asset tracking (and many different applications) across many different industries - maritime, transportation, etc. These are dust-tight and waterproof hybrid RFID and Barcode tags similar to the Cast-A-Code tags but have different colors, sizes and fixing options.


RFID Consulting

Experts in RFID technology, QC process improvement, inventory management, and integration of job site inventory ICT provides custom RFID solutions and consulting for specific projects. Our many years of experience designing and implementing RFID systems and the vast number of industries we have worked with make us ideally situated to assist you with any RFID project.

  • Concrete Product identification and tracking
  • DoD Shipment tracking
  • Employee Tracking and mapping using RFID position
  • Automated Semi Conductor product identification and transportation


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